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Jasmine To

 Before I joined Ace Brainery, Chemistry was one of those subjects that made me feel like I could not reach my fullest potential regardless of how much I studied. Desmond constantly encouraged us to ask him questions, even after lessons, and he was extremely helpful. He explained abstract concepts into content that I could easily grasp and understand.

Lessons with Desmond are never mundane. He always challenges us to think beyond what is given in the school notes. His teaching most definitely strengthened my foundation in the subject. Together with the invaluable study tips he taught us, I was able to perform to my full potential during the IB exam.

Desmond doesn’t just fulfil the bare minimum as a teacher but goes the extra mile. He has helped me gain much confidence in Chemistry, even in topics that I used to be the worst in. He always motivated me to study harder and keep doing better. His dedication and passion are hard to find elsewhere.

I have recommended several of my friends to join Ace Brainery and we are all immensely grateful for Desmond’s help and hard work!

Jasmine To from Hwa Chong International School (2021)
International Baccalaureate SL Chemistry Grade: 7

Joy Sim, ACSI

I first joined Ace Brainery at the start of Year 6, after barely passing my Year 5 promotional exams. Within just a few lessons, I could see an improvement in my Chemistry proficiency. Mr Desmond always made lessons interesting and easy to understand, allowing me to be able to grasp concepts fast. Furthermore, Mr Desmond would even stay back after lessons to answer my questions, even encouraging us to text him outside of lesson time to ask questions. Even though I had multiple questions, he would take the time to answer each question slowly and explained them excellently. Due to Mr Desmond’s help, I managed to secure a 7 for Chemistry, which was something I never thought was possible. Thank you Mr Desmond!

Joy Sim from ACS Independent (2021)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Nicole Leong, ACSI

Since secondary school, Chemistry was never a subject that I could grasp. All the information seemed abstract and I never really scored well in examinations even if I studied. I continued to struggle with Chemistry during IB, and when I got a 5 during my Year 5 promo exams, I decided to look for help, especially as I hoped to pursue medicine in university. Joining Mr Desmond’s class was probably one of my wisest decisions. He is always engaging in class, and also encourages us to ask questions. He clarified every single doubt I had, frequently sharing exam tips on how to study effectively, and helping to draw links between various topics. I never expected my understanding for the subject to be able to improve so much in the span of less than a year. I even started to enjoy learning Chemistry, and eventually managed to get a 7 for IB. I’m truly grateful for all his support and am genuinely blessed to have had him as my teacher.

Nicole Leong from ACS Independent (2021)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Renee Tan, ACSI

Being taught by Desmond for 2 years definitely developed my love for Chemistry, making it my favourite and strongest subject. Desmond is one of the most hardworking and dedicated teachers I have met. I really appreciated everything from the tricky questions he asked us in class, to his useful exam tips and strategies, and the constant help he gave students both during and after class. What makes Desmond a really special tutor is how much he cares for each and every one of his students, catering to their individual needs. He always encouraged us to send him questions via WhatsApp, and would answer them at any hour. I remember sending 10-15 questions in a row (not just once), yet Desmond would take the time to explain everything in voice recordings until I understood. Moreover, he sometimes praised and encouraged me during class, and that motivated me to work harder and improve faster. Desmond’s guidance has allowed me to consistently score 90 and above in all my Year 6 examinations, with a final score of 93 for my IB HL Chemistry exam, and I could not be more grateful. I’ve recommended Desmond to many of my friends, as I can say for sure that he will help anyone excel in Chemistry. Thank you Desmond!

Renee Tan from ACS Independent (2021)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Ann Tan, SJII

After my O Levels with Wilson, I continued my lessons at Ace Brainery under Desmond. The jump from O Levels to IB Chemistry was indeed quite big, but Desmond made difficult concepts easy for me to digest. He caters to students of different learning paces in his classes, taking the time to ensure everyone follows the class. His lessons are carefully planned in order to cover the syllabus in time for our promos, prelims, etc.  Beyond Chemistry content, he prepares his students with exam tips and help outside of class time, speedily answering any questions over WhatsApp. Desmond is dependable and dedicated to his students, going the extra mile for us all. Making the effort to comfort us in stressful times, he truly brings out the potential in his students. Thank you Desmond for the constant support!

Ann Tan from SJI Independent (2020)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7