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Cara Loo, HCI

I started attending Desmond's Chemistry lessons mid-way through JC2, as he was very highly recommended. Before that, I didn’t have much interest in the subject and merely see it as a requirement. Desmond’s classes were super engaging and he kept everyone on their toes throughout the entire duration of his lessons. The questions he posed in class were good refreshers (although embarrassing at times if I answered wrongly, haha). He made me realise how important the basics were even at the JC level. Desmond somehow has enough time to mark all the papers he gives us for revision and answer every one of our questions outside of class, which really shows his dedication to helping his students improve. After a while, I started to become interested in Chemistry, and I even looked forward to the weekly lessons! Never once did I come out of class having not gained/learned something. Despite being his student for a short while, Desmond’s lessons and teaching style really impressed me (and made me laugh). Thank you for the enjoyable semester, Desmond!

Cara Loo from Hwa Chong Institution (2019)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A

Zheng Mingxuan, RVHS

My seniors introduced Ace Brainery to me during the mid of my JC1 when I was struggling with Chemistry. Within 2 months, my Chemistry grades improved from a D to B for my Mid Year Examinations. Desmond makes learning Chemistry very interesting, and his lessons also motivate me to do well. Furthermore, his interactive teaching style allows for me to actively participate in class and deepen my understanding in the subject matter. He also makes the memorising of content happen more easily through questions in class and also through his own mnemonics. His lessons are also very tailored and applicable to my school exams, and eventually the A Levels. One thing that I really appreciate about Desmond is his availability! Whenever I face problems while attempting additional questions, I feel very comfortable with texting him because I know that he will answer my queries even though it is considered as extra work for him. Desmond is a very passionate and motivational tutor who  really believes in all of us. He is really a morale booster. Thank you so much!

Zheng Mingxuan from River Valley High School (2019)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A

Koko Aung, CJC

I joined Ace Brainery a few months before my GCE ‘A’ Levels. I had difficulties tackling basic questions that would have prevented me from even getting a B in my school exams. Desmond was easily able to identify issues that JC Chem students frequently have, and shared it with his students. He condensed the topics into easily understandable concepts by breaking them down and also introduced his own acronyms, revealed tricks to knowing what the question is asking for to make sure that we would be able to complete the paper in time with accuracy and precision. He did not only teach us to work hard, but also to work smart. I could notice myself improve significantly in the subject compared to the time before I joined Ace Brainery. Lessons were simple but effective. We had to jot down notes and answers in class, and were also able to ask questions in person and on WhatsApp. All these really helped to consolidate my knowledge in Chemistry, and piqued my interest in the subject, pushing my grades from a D in my J2 mid year exams to an eventual A in the A Level exams. Desmond is very understanding of the tight schedule students experience, and gives just the right amount of pressure and work to us. He also encourages and motivates his students. Interestingly, I was eventually no longer daunted by the subject, and in fact even started to like and enjoy it. I would definitely recommend Ace Brainery to my friends and juniors as it is a conducive environment to learn. Thank you, Desmond!

Koko Aung from Catholic Junior College (2019)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A

Jerrica Ang, ACJC

The only thing holding me back from having tuition was cost and I was also pretty skeptical of this sorcery Desmond uses which can even push one from a U to an A. But joining Ace Brainery was something I’m so glad I eventually did nearing As because not only does Desmond makes Chem fuss-free and straightforward, his confidence in his own teaching made me very relieved as well. He also helped financially which is definitely a plus point I’m very grateful for. If you’re looking for a trusty Chem tutor, I’m positive Ace Brainery is your best bet out there.

Jerrica Ang from Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2017)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A

Lam Cher Nern Darren, NYJC

Ace Brainery is a brilliant chemistry tuition centre, not only because of the knowledge it imparts, but also because of the teacher who makes the lessons interesting and engaging for everyone. Through Ace Brainery, I managed to learn much more about chemistry than I thought I ever would. Not only did Desmond help me improve my chemistry skills, he also inculcated my love for the subject, which not just any teacher is able to do. From struggling with Chem till getting the eventual A for my H2 Chem at A Levels, Desmond was there all the way for me, not only academically, but he also looked after my welfare, stepping out of his role as a tuition teacher to put in effort to ensure that I was doing well in other areas of my life too. I am especially grateful for the financial aid he provided for me, as without it, I don't think I could have progressed so far too. Something else that deserves special mention is that my percentile in NYJC doubled from about 50 to 95 in merely a few months with him.

Lam Cher Nern Darren from Nanyang Junior College (2017)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A