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Dylan Lee, ACSB

Before I enrolled in Ace Brainery, I recalled Chemistry being my most hated subject- it was content heavy and I faced difficulty in grasping the many complex concepts. I did not appreciate the subject, and I had zero to no motivation when it came down to revision. With this apathetic attitude, I found myself barely passing my tests and exams. I sought help from my teachers and my handy chemistry textbook, but to no avail. I first heard of Ace Brainery as my older sister was already enrolled in the centre. She felt that the classes were very useful, and she encouraged me to give it a shot. After some research and a long discussion with my parents, I met Wilson for my first class two weeks later.

At Ace Brainery, Wilson managed to clarify any doubts that I had in a straightforward manner as he was very clear and concise in explaining new concepts. He was able to identify and fill the gaps I had in my prior knowledge of the subject which allowed me to form a connection between the topics in my syllabus. Wilson’s kind nature alongside his lively personality allowed me to transit seamlessly into the class. With a fortified and now solid foundation in the subject, I was able to complete my assignments and revision papers with ease. After only four months of classes, I managed to attain a B4 in my preliminary examinations and an A2 in my O Levels, which was a tremendous improvement from a meagre F9.

Simply saying that Wilson is a great teacher would be an understatement. I strongly admire his dedication to Chemistry and his flair for teaching which creates a conducive environment where students are motivated to learn. If you are seeking good grades in Chemistry, do yourself a favour and enroll in Ace Brainery for it is a decision that you will not regret.

Dylan Lee from Anglo-Chinese School Barker (2019)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A2

Shannon Ng, MGS

I joined Wilson’s chemistry class only a few months before my prelims and my O levels. As someone who hated chemistry, I had hardly any interest in this subject, and needless to say, did terribly in all my tests and examinations. However, after Wilson started teaching me, he helped to simplify many concepts to make them easier for me to understand. He had innovative ways of helping us remember things, through the use of many acronyms, which I can still remember up till this day. He helped me secure an A2 for my O level examinations, despite the fact that I barely passed my tests and prelims. He made me more confident in this subject, and helped me to appreciate Chemistry better. He was always very patient in explaining questions to us, and spurred us on till the very end. He has made me see Chemistry in a new light and I am thoroughly grateful for his help. :)

Shannon Ng from Methodist Girls’ School (2019)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A2

Hrithhish, ACSB

At the start of my Secondary 4 I can honestly say I was a consistent 39% for Chemistry and that's when I started desperately looking for a Chemistry tuition and I stumbled upon the very well known Wilson. Everyone was saying how good the tuition was so I thought why not give it a try. Within the first 4 months of tuition I ended up topping the class for Chemistry in all the tests. His friendly and caring way of teaching really motivated me to work a lot harder than I expected myself to. His surprise Liho during lessons was the best because it just helped us keep going. From never thinking I would even pass Chemistry to getting an A2 in O levels (which I screwed up ☹) I must say I could never have done it without this dude Wilson. I can safely say he is worth the hype.

Hrithhish Kasivishvanaath from Anglo-Chinese School Barker (2019)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A2

Tham Lishen, ACSI

Chemistry was always my weakest subject in secondary school and I honestly was expecting to fail it for the O levels. I joined Wilson’s lesson mid July in my Sec 4 year and it was just weeks before prelim. In that short intensive period, I managed to pull off my first ever chemistry pass during prelims and managed to get an A2 for the O-levels examination. In a short span of 5 months, Wilson has not only managed to pull my grades up through thorough explanations of concepts but has also inspired a deep interest of chemistry within me. His caring personality and eagerness to help (through the many many questions on text) really propelled me to do my best in chemistry. Even after Secondary school, chemistry still easily remains as my favourite subject and I only have Wilson to thank for sparking that love in me.

Tham Lishen from Anglo-Chinese School Independent (2019)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A2

Chloe Chow, AHS

Throughout Secondary 3, I had been consistently getting Ds for Chemistry no matter how much I studied because I struggled fully understanding and grasping the complex concepts. After joining Ace Brainery in Secondary 4, I attained As for all my subsequent tests and exams. Wilson is a very kind, reassuring, dedicated, experienced and skilled teacher who wants the best for all his students. He made learning Chemistry easier and very enjoyable for me with all of his tips and detailed notes. Whenever I had doubts or misconceptions, he always patiently clarified them with me and gave clear explanations. His passion for Chemistry is one of the factors that motivated me to consistently revise and do well for my assessments. Gradually, I grew fond of Chemistry and it became my favourite subject too. I thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Wilson and highly recommend him to students who need help and want to excel in Chemistry!

Chloe Chow from Anglican High School (2019) 
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A2