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Erica Pook, SCGS

Coming into Mr Wilson’s lessons, I was a secondary three student with little to no confidence in Chemistry. My overall grade for the year stood at a depressing D7, as I scored as low as 34% to 37% in common tests. Fortunately, under his patient guidance and unwavering support, the results were both instantaneous and clear as day, as I managed to secure a solid A1 within the first term of the new school year, and maintain that same grade throughout the rest of the year.

What I find sets Mr Wilson apart from other teachers is his genuine passion for the subject, which translates seamlessly into his way of teaching. He offers application questions, real-life examples and other unique approaches that not only reinforce certain key concepts, but also pique my interest, thereby ensuring a well-rounded and deep understanding of each and every topic. Additionally, he extends his assistance beyond the set lessons and sees to queries and questions posed even after lesson time. By virtue of my positive experience under Mr Wilson, my once painfully tedious journey of learning Chemistry has become so much more enjoyable and gratifying :)

Erica Pook from Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (2020)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 77%

Lim Xin Ying, NGHS

I was previously lacking in confidence in Chemistry as I had a weak understanding in basic concepts. However, under Wilson’s guidance, I began to grasp a much clearer understanding of Chemistry. Wilson gives clear and concise explanations of concepts, along with useful summaries of each topic. He is organised in his teaching such that students can understand and catch up with the content. From that, we learn to make connections between Chemistry concepts. Apart from teaching pure content, Wilson ensures that I fully understand and is always willing to answer my questions. He also focuses on application questions and extends learning beyond the classroom.

As I became more confident in Chemistry, learning Chemistry has become much more fun and enjoyable! I’m also really grateful to have been taught by Wilson as his passion in Chemistry has surely impacted me significantly in my Chemistry journey!

Lim Xin Ying from Nanyang Girls' High School (2020)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 79%

Rachel Ong Su Ann, MGS

Before attending lessons with Wilson, I lacked an understanding of basic Chemistry concepts and was struggling to do well in the subject. However, once I started lessons, I began to grasp the different topics and my liking for the subject increased tremendously.

Wilson was able to clearly explain the key points of every topic as well as answer any questions I had. He helped me to draw connections between topics which strengthened my ability to comprehend and answer different questions. Wilson would also help to clarify any queries I had with regards to school assignments. My Chemistry grades started to improve significantly within the first few lessons. 

Lessons with Wilson were very engaging and allowed me to gain more knowledge and a deeper understanding of the subject quickly.  Overall, I am super thankful for all of Wilson’s help!

Rachel Ong Su Ann from Methodist Girls’ School (2019)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 85%

Jamie Koo Ya Zhen, RGS

Wilson is a one-of-a-kind teacher. I joined him at the start of Secondary 3 in RGS and continued all the way until the end of my Secondary School journey. Before I went to him, I was attaining a fail grade for my Chemistry papers. My inability to grasp the concept of the topics I was learning then led to my dislike for the subject. Wilson understood this and therefore did his best to make lessons more interesting and engaging to get me more invested in the subject. He was one of those rare teachers that you could be completely comfortable around and bond with, which made lessons fun. He was also able to teach in a manner that managed to help me thoroughly understand the concepts that I could not grasp previously in school. Slowly but surely, Chemistry became a much more manageable and enjoyable subject for me. I finally passed my first Chemistry paper just 3 months after joining him. From there on, my chemistry grades continued improving steadily and by the end of my Secondary 4 journey, I managed to attain an overall grade of 84 for Chemistry, where the cohort median was 71. This huge improvement in my grades is a testament to his teaching.

Jamie Koo Ya Zhen from Raffles Girls' School (2017)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 84%

Keith Lee Rui Yi, ACSI

Before I came to Ace Brainery, I wasn't exactly failing chem but neither did I have a lot of confidence in the subject. It was my worse science and I had adopted the attitude that I could only mug hard and memorise everything before the exam, that Chemistry was a subject of memorisation. But when Mr Wilson started teaching me in August of Sec 3 year, teaching and explaining concepts to me, things started to click. I was able to look at topics in a new light, and things that I previously had to work hard to memorise, I was now able to see the reasons why they were as such, and understand the underlying concepts and explanations, and suddenly Chemistry was not as hard as it had seemed before. Throughout the whole of my Year 4 as well Mr Wilson was extremely helpful, especially with regards to the harder topics. He would take the time to explain the reasons why this thing was such-and-such, and in exams or during class, even if I was not able to recall from memory the exact way a series or an answer should be, I could work from the explanations and underlying concepts and derive the correct answer, and I think that's the biggest impact Mr Wilson left on me. He helped me see that Chemistry was not a subject where whoever could memorise and regurgitate the best would score; there was understanding and application involved. That was a new way of thinking for me back in Sec 3, and it's stuck with me ever since. Even though now I am no longer under Mr Wilson the ideas and concepts of using First Principles to derive more difficult properties is something that continues to help me greatly in learning, understanding, studying for and appreciating Chem. Thank you sir!

Keith Lee Rui Yi from ACS Independent (2017)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 92.5%