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Keith Lee Rui Yi, ACSI

Before I came to Ace Brainery, I wasn't exactly failing chem but neither did I have a lot of confidence in the subject. It was my worse science and I had adopted the attitude that I could only mug hard and memorise everything before the exam, that Chemistry was a subject of memorisation. But when Mr Wilson started teaching me in August of Sec 3 year, teaching and explaining concepts to me, things started to click. I was able to look at topics in a new light, and things that I previously had to work hard to memorise, I was now able to see the reasons why they were as such, and understand the underlying concepts and explanations, and suddenly Chemistry was not as hard as it had seemed before. Throughout the whole of my Year 4 as well Mr Wilson was extremely helpful, especially with regards to the harder topics. He would take the time to explain the reasons why this thing was such-and-such, and in exams or during class, even if I was not able to recall from memory the exact way a series or an answer should be, I could work from the explanations and underlying concepts and derive the correct answer, and I think that's the biggest impact Mr Wilson left on me. He helped me see that Chemistry was not a subject where whoever could memorise and regurgitate the best would score; there was understanding and application involved. That was a new way of thinking for me back in Sec 3, and it's stuck with me ever since. Even though now I am no longer under Mr Wilson the ideas and concepts of using First Principles to derive more difficult properties is something that continues to help me greatly in learning, understanding, studying for and appreciating Chem. Thank you sir!

Keith Lee Rui Yi from ACS Independent (2017)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 92.5%

Tai Wen Bin, ACSI

Wilson’s patience and dedication in guiding me through Chemistry have been an immense blessing. Prior to his coaching, I lacked an understanding of fundamental Chemistry concepts, and was thus very unconfident in the subject.

However, once I began lessons with Wilson, I found them to be both enjoyable and effective in allowing me to absorb the various concepts, hence concurrently developing a better appreciation of Chemistry. His organised and engaging way of teaching, which encouraged independent thinking while catering to the limitations of my needs and abilities, resulted in me acquiring knowledge at a rapid yet comfortable pace.

Beyond the confines of regular lessons, Wilson was also readily available to assist in queries and school assignments; this was definitive of his going the extra mile to forge a genuine friendship with me. All in all, I am tremendously grateful for his efforts and devotion in enabling me to strive for excellence!

Tai Wen Bin from ACS Independent (2017)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 85%

Christopher Kiong, UWC

The magic of the lessons at Ace Brainery is that the sessions are not designed to supplement school lectures and tutorials. Instead, they are executed in such a way that they can be termed to be replacements! Desmond delivers his lessons in a concise yet charismatic way, at a level much more than most.

Christopher Kiong from United World College (2014)
iGCSE Co-Science Grade: A*