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Mark Leong, ACSI

My experience with Ace Brainery has been one that has equipped me with not only a solid understanding of Chemistry, but with a lasting interest for the subject. I can walk into class with many doubts on certain topics, and practically walk out with all my doubts cleared. I think the thing that I am most thankful for in my classes with Desmond was that classes were always fun. Zero regrets since signing up!!!

Mark Leong from ACS Independent (2017)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Zhang Wei Jian Christopher, SJII

‘Lukewarm', would in a word, be how I’d describe my initial attitude towards chemistry. I neither detested it, nor particularly enjoyed it —it was just a necessity. With this tepid attitude, I managed 5s, 6s and the occasional 7 with just my trusty Marshall Cavendish. Not horrible grades, no. However, I felt a certain un-sustainability in my then method, as though there were gaping holes in my knowledge that I’d somehow managed to skirt around in every single test I took in school. Desmond solved this problem for me.

At Ace Brainery, Desmond, quite brutally (but with all the love in the world), dissected my prior knowledge of chemistry, identifying the aforementioned gaps in knowledge I wasn’t able to find myself. Over the course of almost 2 years, my initially lamentable chemistry foundation was fortified ten-fold, clearing any doubts I had previously harbored about most chemistry topics. This strong foundation brought my lukewarm attitude to a boil. The links between each topic gradually became clearer and clearer, as though each class came with a guaranteed epiphany. I not only enjoyed Desmond’s chill (like super chill) and effective classes, but also chemistry itself. Naturally, my grades saw a steady rise and 7s in chemistry weren’t goals, but rather expectations.

I give this testimonial with no exaggeration whatsoever. Do yourself a favor and join Ace Brainery.

Zhang Wei Jian Christopher from SJI Independent (2017)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Clarabelle Lim, CJC

I joined Ace Brainery after scoring a ‘U’ for my JC2 mid-year examinations. Then, my school teachers told me that my goal of obtaining an ‘A’ in Chemistry was near impossible, considering the number of lessons I’ve missed, but Mr Desmond never gave up on me. He remained extremely patient, retaught me everything from scratch, and kept pushing me towards my goal.

During lessons, Mr Desmond simplified the syllabus and ensured we fully understood the material. He highlighted the important details so we knew exactly what was required in the exams, and also provided us with shortcuts to memorising them. After class, Mr Desmond would stay back to answer all our questions, and even stayed up the night before our exams to answer the last minute questions we had in a panic.

I used to dread studying Chemistry but after joining Mr Desmond’s classes, I found myself looking forward to his weekly lessons. His commitment to his work and students is truly commendable and I highly recommend Ace Brainery to anyone looking for Chemistry tuition. As I’ve always told my friends, “I swear by Ace Brainery because if anyone can save you, it’s Mr Desmond.”

Clarabelle Lim from Catholic Junior College (2022)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A

Sholan, RJC

Mr Tan is a brilliant teacher that is efficient and effective. He has the ability to filter for us the important and useful learning points. He also concisely points out all the important things in the exam papers to look out for. Mr Tan’s notes are very detailed with just the right amount of information to be used on the exam day itself. Towards the A Level exams, he created a schedule to guide us on the proper sequence to do our papers. Moreover, he goes through the papers in class with in-depth explanations. Personally, Mr Tan has also really helped me in terms of my confidence. Nearing the A Levels and also after my prelims that I did not do too well in, he took time out of the regular tuition sessions to assure me that my efforts were good enough, and also encouraged me to continue working hard. When I felt that all hope was lost, his words kept me going, and motivated me to continue striving. In the end, I managed to improve from an E in my prelims to an A in the A Levels. Thank you very much Mr Tan!

Sholan from Raffles Junior College (2022)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A


Faith Chng, RJC

Desmond is the most dedicated tutor I've met in all my years of schooling. Since I’ve met him, he has far exceeded the role of a tutor and has filled the role of a mentor throughout my A levels journey. His commitment to nurturing his students’ academic growth shows clearly in his work ethic. Desmond never took more than a day to patiently answer my slew of panicked questions. Before I joined Ace Brainery, I had barely been scraping through my school examinations and often considered myself lucky when I passed. I found that my effort rarely translated to results because my study method had been extremely unfocused. Desmond was able to streamline my study method to increase my efficiency and I saw my results improve exponentially. During CT2s, I managed to scrape an S grade. In the short period of 2-3 months between CT2 and prelims, I managed to improve to a C grade. In the month between prelims and A levels, I managed to secure an A grade. The trait that made Desmond an exceptional mentor was the fact that he never gave up on any of his students - he genuinely believed that hard work would pay off. Although some may consider his efforts harsh, they were definitely effective. If he hadn’t been as strict as he was, I almost definitely would not have done as well. Under Desmond, anyone who is willing to put in their effort will go a long long way, just like I did. Thank you Desmond!

Faith Chng from Raffles Junior College (2020)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A