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Ace Brainery Private Limited has been established with the aim of providing first-class coaching in Chemistry. At Ace Brainery, we do not subscribe to the route-learning methodology for acing examinations. Instead, we advocate understanding as our primary objective. Once the student is able to fully appreciate the subject matter, the process of studying naturally smoothens.


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A team of top chemistry tutors in Singapore.

Our coaches are flushed with years of experience in the provision of private tuition. At Ace Brainery, we strongly see the need for a connection between the top chemistry tutor in Singapore and the student so that effective tuition sessions are possible. In the course of their teaching journeys, many students have been able achieve their desired academic results, which was once regarded as a distant dream.

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Jonathan Tan, ACSI

As a competitive swimmer, I had to travel often for overseas training camps and competitions. It was not a surprise that I was pretty behind schedule in my final IB final year due to many lessons...

Takeshi Koey, ACSI

Since my secondary school days, my Chemistry has been very weak cause I often missed school due to my involvement in competitive tennis. Hence, I really struggled in my first year of IB for HL...

Danielle Gan, ACSI

I joined Ace Brainery after my secondary 4 mid year Chemistry exam which I failed. I started 1 on 1 lessons with Wilson who was extremely encouraging even though I really struggled to grasp the...

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Complimentary Trial Lesson

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