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Bryan Peh, ACSI

I joined Ace Brainery at the start of Year 5 with a relatively poor understanding of Chemistry. Desmond was extremely patient in his teaching with a strong emphasis on really the most basic of the concepts. He would often go out of his way such as staying back with me after class, to clarify any doubts that I may have. Desmond would also take the time to constantly reply to my queries over WhatsApp, which I really appreciate. Through my 2 years at Ace Brainery, I referred 4 of my friends whose only regret was not joining earlier. Desmond is the best tuition teacher that I have ever met. He really is a teacher that goes above and beyond. I managed to attain a grade 7 for HL Chemistry during the IBDP examinations. I highly recommend that you enroll in Ace Brainery. You won’t be disappointed!

Bryan Peh from ACS Independent (2019)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Mark Leong, ACSI

My experience with Ace Brainery has been one that has equipped me with not only a solid understanding of Chemistry, but with a lasting interest for the subject. I can walk into class with many doubts on certain topics, and practically walk out with all my doubts cleared. I think the thing that I am most thankful for in my classes with Desmond was that classes were always fun. Zero regrets since signing up!!!

Mark Leong from ACS Independent (2017)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Zhang Wei Jian Christopher, SJII

‘Lukewarm', would in a word, be how I’d describe my initial attitude towards chemistry. I neither detested it, nor particularly enjoyed it —it was just a necessity. With this tepid attitude, I managed 5s, 6s and the occasional 7 with just my trusty Marshall Cavendish. Not horrible grades, no. However, I felt a certain un-sustainability in my then method, as though there were gaping holes in my knowledge that I’d somehow managed to skirt around in every single test I took in school. Desmond solved this problem for me.

At Ace Brainery, Desmond, quite brutally (but with all the love in the world), dissected my prior knowledge of chemistry, identifying the aforementioned gaps in knowledge I wasn’t able to find myself. Over the course of almost 2 years, my initially lamentable chemistry foundation was fortified ten-fold, clearing any doubts I had previously harbored about most chemistry topics. This strong foundation brought my lukewarm attitude to a boil. The links between each topic gradually became clearer and clearer, as though each class came with a guaranteed epiphany. I not only enjoyed Desmond’s chill (like super chill) and effective classes, but also chemistry itself. Naturally, my grades saw a steady rise and 7s in chemistry weren’t goals, but rather expectations.

I give this testimonial with no exaggeration whatsoever. Do yourself a favor and join Ace Brainery.

Zhang Wei Jian Christopher from SJI Independent (2017)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Denise Lam, HCI

Before I started Chemistry lessons at Ace Brainery, I found it really difficult to understand the subject. It was really tough to keep up with my school’s lecture pace, and I was often clueless during my school’s tutorials. Through Desmond’s constant guidance and comprehensive notes, I was able to grasp the main concepts much more easily. He would also clear my doubts outside of tuition time every single time without fail, and even take the effort to explain them in great detail. Nearing our A levels, he also provides crash courses for us to attend. Each lesson covers a different topic, thus we were able to brush up on specific topics that we were weaker in, which made it very helpful. Desmond is a very dedicated teacher who genuinely cares a lot about his students, and I would definitely recommend everyone to join Ace Brainery. Had I not attended Ace Brainery, I definitely would not have been able to secure my A in H2 Chemistry for the A levels.

Denise Lam from Hwa Chong Institution (2019)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A

Yanisa, ACJC

I joined Ace Brainery in J1 after my terrible mid-term exam results. Before this, I never truly understood the Chemistry concepts taught in school and always struggled to understand the logic. However, with Desmond's help, my grades got quickly pulled up from an E to a C for the promotional exams. Desmond simplified Chemistry by making the concepts easy to understand and also linking them to one another. I began to much more confident in Chemistry, and I could not believe that I actually ended up loving the subject. I would definitely recommend Ace Brainery to anyone struggling with Chemistry! I wouldn't have done it without Desmond's help. It was truly an exciting journey here at Ace Brainery. Thank you Desmond!

Yanisa from Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2019)
GCE ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry Grade: A