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Caitlin Ho, SJII

Honest and kind, Desmond works extremely hard to ensure students across all standards achieve their fullest potential. As the third student in my family who has gone to Ace Brainery for IB Chemistry, I understood why my sisters always spoke well of him. It was because of how easily he simplified difficult concepts, understood each student's weak points, and going the extra mile to help us during and after class. With his consistent guidance and teaching experience, my sisters and I all attained a 7 for IB Chemistry. Thank you Desmond for empowering your students in the ways that you have!

Caitlin Ho from SJI Independent (2020)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Jonathan Tan, ACSI

As a competitive swimmer, I had to travel often for overseas training camps and competitions. It was not a surprise that I was pretty behind schedule in my final IB final year due to many lessons missed in class and honestly, I had a lot to catch up for my HL Chemistry. I was very fortunate that Desmond was able to help me work out a schedule to coach me. He really helped me to understand the subject matter within a short span of time. He somehow has the ability to simplify and condense complicated concepts into very effective lessons. Not only is Desmond patient, but he is also very dedicated to all his students. I am very grateful for his guidance. Thank you Desmond!

Jonathan Tan from ACS Independent (2020)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Ryane Cheong, ACSI

I joined Ace Brainery at the end of year 5. I had been struggling to cope with both my CCA and my academics and ended up falling  rather behind my peers in chemistry. I had been looking around for tuitions, and people around me have been encouraging me to try out Ace Brainery. And I must say that it was the right decision to give them a shot! Desmond has a unique way of teaching that really piqued my interest in Chemistry. The best part is that he cares for each and every one of his students. He bothers to go out of his way to help me. There were numerous times when he answered my question late into the night just to make sure that I understood the content that he has taught. I really gained so much confidence in the subject and its because of him that I managed to pull my grades from a low 5 to an eventual 7. So if anyone is struggling with Chemistry, I will definitely recommend Ace Brainery to them!!!

Ryane Cheong from ACS Independent (2019)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Danielle Gan, ACSI

I joined Ace Brainery after my secondary 4 mid year Chemistry exam which I failed. I started 1 on 1 lessons with Wilson who was extremely encouraging even though I really struggled to grasp the concepts initially. After only 2 months of lessons with him, my Chemistry grade jumped from a 3 to a 6.

In IB, I continued lessons at Ace Brainery under Desmond. His teaching was extremely helpful in bridging the gap between secondary and IB Chemistry, and keeping us on top of the curriculum for the entire of the 2 years. He taught us effective ways to learn the content, as well as efficient ways to tackle assessments - both of which played a large role in seeing me through my IB exams. I’m especially grateful that Desmond was always considerate of our busy schedules and gave us the bare minimum when it came to homework, and also for his patience in answering our many questions. He really made sure that we understood what we were learning and even took the time to schedule revision classes for us before our exams.

Thank you very much to both Wilson and Desmond for making Chemistry so enjoyable!

Danielle Gan from ACS Independent (2019)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7

Elizabeth Chua, ACSI

Chemistry has always been one of my weaker subjects in secondary school, but joining Ace Brainery has helped to greatly improve my understanding of the concepts. Desmond makes the lessons easy to follow and he has helped me to develop a good foundation in Chemistry, which definitely goes a long way when we have to learn the more complicated topics. His friendliness and patience creates an incredibly conducive and fun learning environment, where one is able to ask questions freely. He also gives really useful tips for exams that make exams a lot less stressful! After joining Ace, I happened to have a lot more time to focus on my other IB subjects too. Desmond is a really great teacher and I would definitely recommend Ace to anyone who finds Chemistry challenging!!!

Elizabeth Chua from ACS Independent (2019)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 7