Lim Xin Ying, NGHS

I was previously lacking in confidence in Chemistry as I had a weak understanding in basic concepts. However, under Wilson’s guidance, I began to grasp a much clearer understanding of Chemistry. Wilson gives clear and concise explanations of concepts, along with useful summaries of each topic. He is organised in his teaching such that students can understand and catch up with the content. From that, we learn to make connections between Chemistry concepts. Apart from teaching pure content, Wilson ensures that I fully understand and is always willing to answer my questions. He also focuses on application questions and extends learning beyond the classroom.

As I became more confident in Chemistry, learning Chemistry has become much more fun and enjoyable! I’m also really grateful to have been taught by Wilson as his passion in Chemistry has surely impacted me significantly in my Chemistry journey!

Lim Xin Ying from Nanyang Girls' High School (2020)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 79%