Rachel Ong Su Ann, MGS

Before attending lessons with Wilson, I lacked an understanding of basic Chemistry concepts and was struggling to do well in the subject. However, once I started lessons, I began to grasp the different topics and my liking for the subject increased tremendously.

Wilson was able to clearly explain the key points of every topic as well as answer any questions I had. He helped me to draw connections between topics which strengthened my ability to comprehend and answer different questions. Wilson would also help to clarify any queries I had with regards to school assignments. My Chemistry grades started to improve significantly within the first few lessons. 

Lessons with Wilson were very engaging and allowed me to gain more knowledge and a deeper understanding of the subject quickly.  Overall, I am super thankful for all of Wilson’s help!

Rachel Ong Su Ann from Methodist Girls’ School (2019)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 85%