Erica Pook, SCGS

Coming into Mr Wilson’s lessons, I was a secondary three student with little to no confidence in Chemistry. My overall grade for the year stood at a depressing D7, as I scored as low as 34% to 37% in common tests. Fortunately, under his patient guidance and unwavering support, the results were both instantaneous and clear as day, as I managed to secure a solid A1 within the first term of the new school year, and maintain that same grade throughout the rest of the year.

What I find sets Mr Wilson apart from other teachers is his genuine passion for the subject, which translates seamlessly into his way of teaching. He offers application questions, real-life examples and other unique approaches that not only reinforce certain key concepts, but also pique my interest, thereby ensuring a well-rounded and deep understanding of each and every topic. Additionally, he extends his assistance beyond the set lessons and sees to queries and questions posed even after lesson time. By virtue of my positive experience under Mr Wilson, my once painfully tedious journey of learning Chemistry has become so much more enjoyable and gratifying :)

Erica Pook from Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (2020)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 77%