Lim Qi, RGS

When I first started lessons with Mr Wilson, I was having trouble with the simplest parts of chemistry like writing chemical formulae as I learnt them in school when covid was at it's peak. Mr Wilson took the time to build up my basic chemistry foundation and I managed to pick up quite quickly. Furthermore, I never felt like he was judging my abilities whatsoever. Mr Wilson is an extremely patient and caring teacher teacher. He uses fun and simple analogies to explain complicated chemistry concepts to me that helped me grasp the concepts much better. I used to have the impression that I had to strictly memorise everything for the chemistry exams but Mr Wilson would point out to me that some topics should not be purely memorised but fully understood and applied instead. For topics that needed some memorisation, Mr Wilson gave me some fun ways to remember them! Lastly, Mr Wilson also gives real life examples of how the chemistry concepts are applied which help me remember the concepts better!

Lim Qi from Raffles Girls' School (2022)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 77%