Yeann Yeoh, RGS

I started tuition with Wilson when I first started taking Chemistry at the start of Sec 3. As a student-athlete, I spent a lot of my time training which meant that I had less time to revise my school work. With the increase in workload and unfamiliar concepts in Chemistry, juggling my studies with my training was not easy but having lessons with Wilson allowed me to feel more at ease as I had a good understanding towards the various topics with his help. This was due to the fact that he went through the topics in a very concise manner which highlighted the main points of the topic and made the topic easily digestible for me. With the help of Wilson, I was able to better comprehend my teacher during class and score well for my Chemistry exams. Overall, Wilson has been a great help to me in my schooling journey for Chemistry.

Yeann Yeoh from Raffles Girls' School (2022)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 85%