Jamie Koo Ya Zhen, RGS

Wilson is a one-of-a-kind teacher. I joined him at the start of Secondary 3 in RGS and continued all the way until the end of my Secondary School journey. Before I went to him, I was attaining a fail grade for my Chemistry papers. My inability to grasp the concept of the topics I was learning then led to my dislike for the subject. Wilson understood this and therefore did his best to make lessons more interesting and engaging to get me more invested in the subject. He was one of those rare teachers that you could be completely comfortable around and bond with, which made lessons fun. He was also able to teach in a manner that managed to help me thoroughly understand the concepts that I could not grasp previously in school. Slowly but surely, Chemistry became a much more manageable and enjoyable subject for me. I finally passed my first Chemistry paper just 3 months after joining him. From there on, my chemistry grades continued improving steadily and by the end of my Secondary 4 journey, I managed to attain an overall grade of 84 for Chemistry, where the cohort median was 71. This huge improvement in my grades is a testament to his teaching.

Jamie Koo Ya Zhen from Raffles Girls' School (2017)
IP Chemistry Y4 Grade: 84%