GCE 'O' Level

Chloe Chow, AHS

Throughout Secondary 3, I had been consistently getting Ds for Chemistry no matter how much I studied because I struggled fully understanding and grasping the complex concepts. After joining Ace Brainery in Secondary 4, I attained As for all my subsequent tests and exams. Wilson is a very kind, reassuring, dedicated, experienced and skilled teacher who wants the best for all his students. He made learning Chemistry easier and very enjoyable for me with all of his tips and detailed notes. Whenever I had doubts or misconceptions, he always patiently clarified them with me and gave clear explanations. His passion for Chemistry is one of the factors that motivated me to consistently revise and do well for my assessments. Gradually, I grew fond of Chemistry and it became my favourite subject too. I thoroughly enjoyed lessons with Wilson and highly recommend him to students who need help and want to excel in Chemistry!

Chloe Chow from Anglican High School (2019) 
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A2

Ann Tan, CHIJ (TP)

From a C6 to a consistent A1, Wilson was a supportive and patient teacher throughout my time under him. Wilson was extremely dedicated in clarifying all my many doubts and ensuring I understood the material well, motivating me to work hard for the grade I wanted. His fun and unique way of teaching inculcated a love for Chemistry in me and led me to pursue HL Chemistry in the IBDP. I wouldn’t be here without him! Thank you Wilson!

Ann Tan from CHIJ Toa Payoh (2018) 
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A1

Carolyn Chan, MGS

I had 3 Chemistry tutors prior to taking my O level exams. Wilson was my third and last tutor and my search ended there, there was no need for anyone else.  Patient and familiar with the O level Chemistry syllabus, Wilson helped simplify many difficult concepts and its applications, which greatly boosted my confidence in the subject. In my 2 years with Wilson as my tutor, Chemistry was my strongest Science subject and I went on to score an A1 in the O level examinations. His tutelage has led me to pursue Chemistry as a HL subject in my IB diploma programme and I have found the good foundational knowledge Wilson laid for me in Secondary school very helpful even now. I am so grateful to Wilson for his guidance and for those times he cheered me on especially when I was feeling burnt out. Thank you Wilson.

Carolyn Chan from Methodist Girls’ School (2017)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A1

Ian Lek, ACSB

Before Wilson began teaching me Pure Chemistry after my Mid-Year Exams in Secondary 3, I was completely dumbfounded by even the simplest concepts. However, Wilson was able to pay close attention to certain key areas of weakness, and built upon them. By the end of my 1.5 years with Wilson, my Chemistry went from a E8 in Sec 3 to an A1 in the 'O’ Level Examinations! With Wilson's help, I was able to improve my confidence in Chemistry and achieve the highest grade possible! Thank you!

Ian Lek from Anglo-Chinese School Barker (2016)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A1

Elyse Quek, AHS

Chemistry was just like another subject to me, where I did not have particular interest in before I met Wilson. However, after I started lessons with him, I started to feel that Chemistry was not as boring as I thought it would have been. His unique teaching techniques played a great role in my change of attitude towards Chemistry. I can remember how he included all the short forms that made concepts easier to memorize and the tips and tricks which allowed for the better tackling of questions. He was really patient with me in going through the foundations of Chemistry given my poor standard and was very effective in adapting to each students needs. Despite joining only a few months before my O level exams, I was able to get an A2 (from a C5!) which I was contented with, and this was all possible with him!

Elyse Quek from Anglican High School (2016) 
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: A2