International Baccalaureate (IB)

“Before starting at Ace Brainery, I was consistently failing my HL Chemistry. After a few months of intensive classes with Desmond, there was not only a drastic improvement in my grades, but I was also beginning to really understand the subject matter, and for the first time I truly enjoyed studying Chemistry. I am genuinely very thankful to the Ace Brainery team for all the support and guidance. Without them, it would have been impossible to conquer the subject!”

Kimberley Khoo from SJI (International)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 3 to 6

“Desmond is by far the best tuition teacher that I ever had. His passion for Chemistry, and his dedication to each and every one of his student makes him stand out amongst the rest. As a teacher, he takes the effort to pander to different learning abilities. He was always quick to accurately clarify any doubts that I had, inclusive those which even my school Chemistry teacher struggles with. On top of that, he was not only a tutor, but goes out of his way to be a friend that is always ready to lend me a listening ear. With his friendly disposition, immense knowledge, and extremely useful notes, he has undoubtedly made HL Chemistry much more manageable for me. Indeed, he is the all-in-one super tutor!”

Tanya Tan from SJI International (Captain of the Netball Team)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: 4 to 6

“Desmond’s teaching is one of stupendous quality for he not only has an astounding grasp of Chemistry knowledge but is also able to impart such with much clarity, coherence and adroitness. Furthermore, Desmond is able to undertake any and all doubts, if any, with much ease and nothing is too onerous for him. Indeed, Chemistry is made simple under Desmond’s guidance!”

J Lau from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (2013)
International Baccalaureate HL Chemistry Grade: Current Student

GCE ‘A’ Level

“The magic of the lessons at Ace Brainery is that: the sessions are not designed to supplement nor complement school lectures and tutorials. Instead, they are executed in such a way that they can be termed to be replacements! In addition, the notes provided are sacred when it comes to revision. Desmond delivers his lessons in a concise yet charismatic way, at a level much more than most school teachers are able to; making his lessons enjoyable. He may appear to be strict to some students, but he really does have extensive study plans for his students; which if followed, makes the learning of Chemistry a breeze.”

Reon Ho from National Junior College
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: Awaiting results, consistent distinctions in NJC

“Desmond is definitely one of the most effective tutors that I have ever had. He knows the exact crucial points that needs to be written in an “A” script, and helps his students sieve through and condense the lengthy lecture notes. This is clearly very helpful to us given the hectic JC curriculum. Apart from that, he drills his students by having complimentary and complementary timed trials. This has proved to be extremely crucial for my “A” levels, in which timing is absolutely critical in bagging an “A”. Desmond is also a humorous and jovial individual, and lessons with him are always filled with fun and laughter. All in all, I am extremely thankful to have known Desmond and would definitely recommend you to start enrolling into his classes at Ace Brainery.”

Norman Lim from National Junior College
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: Awaiting results, consistent distinctions in NJC

“I spent my life insisting on private tuition, since that appeared to be the obvious choice such that one can receive full attention from the tutor. However, I stand corrected after making the choice to attend Chemistry lessons at Ace Brainery. With a small group, the provision of a conducive learning environment has materialized. In addition, students are not afraid to raise questions in the middle of lessons as the teachers are open to questions and clarifications. The lessons are also very examination-oriented, with the teachers providing tricks and also accurate tips to ace the papers. The teaching of the topics is also very in-depth. In addition, the relationships between the teachers and their classes are strong, and will bear the fruit of whatever is necessary to score well.”

Jared Tang from Anglo-Chinese Junior College (Captain of the ACJC Rugby Team)
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: Current Student, Distinction for GCE ‘O’ Levels

“Teachers like Desmond are truly hard to come by. Not every teacher goes the extra mile to ensure that your understanding and grasp of the various concepts are sound, and spends additional time outside the tuition hours in helping you achieve your goal of sterling Chemistry results. Initially, I lacked confidence in Chemistry and hated it, along with sub-standard grades during the initial phase in ACJC. However, through Desmond’s engaging lessons and meticulous teaching style, I have regained the confidence I once had in Chemistry, and my grades experienced a dramatic improvement. Ultimately, I ended up liking the subject, and have even developed a further interest for it. Desmond has not only aided my academic journey for Chemistry, but has also permanently refined my studying methods and strategies!”

Glen Lim from Anglo-Chinese Junior College (Vice Captain of the ACJC Waterpolo Team)
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: Awaiting results

“Thank you, Ace Brainery, for helping me get my first ever pass in JC Chemistry! You’re truly the best chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. You can trust Desmond for good chemistry tuition in Singapore; helped me to understand the subject and gain confidence in it as he gave me constant words of encouragement. Through his patience and passion for teaching, I was able to build a good foundation and gain interest in the subject. Ace Brainery is the best A level and O level chemistry tuition centre in Singapore. I would strongly recommend Desmond’s JC Chemistry tuition Singapore classes to other students as he is a friendly and witty teacher who works hard to bring out the best in his students.”

Nikki Wei from Anglo-Chinese Junior College (Vice Captain of the ACJC Swim Team)
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: Awaiting results

“Being coached by Desmond was one of the best decisions I made in my journey as an A Level student. Having shaky foundations in Chemistry, I’d often have more questions than answers in our sessions but Desmond made it a point to work on my Chemistry from the ground up. He had a clear grasp of where I stood in my abilities and designed lessons around my flaws. By insisting that we call him by his name, Desmond creates both a harmonious and dynamic working relationship. He is an individual that is approachable, amicable, and very pleasant. He is not just a good Chemistry tutor, but one that also becomes your friend with time.”

Jerome Lim from Victoria Junior College (Top Scorer)
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: A

“I find lessons with Desmond to be very engaging and interactive. He constantly makes an effort to reach out to us. What I appreciate most is the way he writes concise and effective notes. The way he assigns homework to me is also very unique as he gives me the benefit of doubt to do it on my own, and then to check with him if there are any questions. He is indeed very passionate about teaching, and has shared invaluable insights and advice about his life and personal experiences to help shape me as an individual. Last but not least, he has permanently refined my studying methods to better prepare me for the future!”

Woo Ying Xi from Victoria Junior College (2012)
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: S to A

“Desmond has helped me to build confidence in the subject of Chemistry after encountering numerous hindrances in the course of my junior college life. Interestingly, he managed to conjure varying methods to make Chemistry intellectually stimulating once again. I am sincerely moved by his display of passion when teaching me the subject. All in all, I am really thankful for his help in allowing me to better understand the complexities of Chemistry.”

Deborah Chan from Victoria Junior College (2012)
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: S to B

“I have come to know Desmond Tan as a dedicated Chemistry tutor. He has a vast knowledge of the subject and is always able to fluently deliver the concepts. Astoundingly, he occasionally gives answers to questions that even my Chemistry tutor in school is unable to solve. His ability to connect with his students has enabled him to better reach out to them. He appears to be an individual that has a true commitment to excellence for both himself and his students. Under him, I have constantly improved and gained more confidence in the Chemistry. Thus, I recommend Desmond Tan to you with no reservations.”

Clara Chin from Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2012)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: C5 to A1
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: A

“Desmond is a meticulous and dedicated teacher who wants his students to constantly seek to improve themselves in the subject, which really encourages me to give my best. He is by far the best Chemistry tutor I have had, not only because he has managed to bring me from a fail grade to attaining full marks in the next test in just a few months, but because he writes succinct and concise notes that really help to break down a complex topic into easy-to-understand pieces, explaining important points and key facts in a way that makes Chemistry seem much more manageable than I ever thought it could be.”

Lim Zhao Jun from Nanyang Junior College (2013)
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: U to A

“Desmond may strike the first impression of being overly meticulous about content that is being covered and work that is being explained. However, this later proves vital for achieving excellent results. He also ensures that the student’s firm understanding of the topic is not compromised over rapid coverage. Apart from being a Chemistry coach, Desmond is one to confide in with other issues. By being forthcoming, he offers genuine comments and suggestions towards problems. This creates a healthy student-teacher relationship whereby Desmond is both a teacher and a friend who is easily approachable. Absolutely awesome!”

Jerome Lim Zi En from Victoria Junior College (2013)
GCE ‘A’ Level Chemistry Grade: D to A


“Desmond is without a doubt the best tuition teacher that I have ever had. He entails all the qualities required to make an approachable but yet an effective tutor. Desmond seems to possess an innate ability to relate real life situations to key theories in Chemistry, especially for the topics that are abstract and difficult to understand. I think that this is the key factor that makes him stand out from any other tutor out there. I am an Arts student that used to abhor the Sciences at the IGCSE level, but here I am taking HL Chemistry at the IB level (and I actually find the subject manageable)!”

Natasha Sim from Saint Joseph’s Institution (International) (2012)
IGCSE Chemistry Grade: 3 to 6

“Desmond is a dedicated teacher who is willing to go the extra mile and do whatever is in his power in order to help his students achieve the best results. He is reliable and willing not only to be a teacher to his students, but also a friend and helping hand in whatever other problems his students may be facing. As a teacher, Desmond caters to each student’s unique learning technique and style, thus making him an extremely effective tutor. He manages to simplify parts of the syllabus that seem ridiculously difficult and impossible at first glance and present them in ways which are easy to understand.”

Sara Jumabhoy from Saint Joseph’s Institution (International) (2012)
IGCSE Chemistry Grade: 3 to 7

GCE ‘O’ Level

“Wilson is a very patient tutor. Before I enrolled for my lessons with him, my foundation in Chemistry can be virtually considered to be non-existent. However, Wilson helped me to grasp most of the basic concepts within a very short time frame of a few weeks. He also patiently and meticulously answered all my questions no matter how basic they were. He also knows a lot of Chemistry out of what the textbook offers. His lessons are easy to absorb and engaging. With only a few months of lessons, I managed to ace my ‘O’ level Chemistry. Here’s a very sincere thank you to Wilson”

Chester How from Nan Hua High School (2013)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: E8 to A2

“Wilson is a dedicated and patient teacher. He possesses finely tailored plan to suit my personal needs and helped to overcome my fear in Chemistry. After Wilson’s dedicated provision of guidance and lots of self-practice, my knowledge in Chemistry improved significantly and Chemistry became a subject that is actually enjoyable. Within a short span of merely a few months, my school grade for Chemistry improved from D7 to B4 for my second preliminary examination which was above the cohort average!”

Tan Xuan Zhao from Maris Stella High School (2013)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: D7 to B3

“Desmond is a wonderful teacher who has helped me a lot. I started lessons with him after my secondary three final examinations, of which I obtained only a 55% for my Chemistry. In less than a year, I scored an astounding 90% for my preliminary Chemistry examination. I appreciate the fact that he has been a very patient mentor to me, never failing to eradicate the misconceptions that I have. All these have instilled me with much more confidence during my exams!”

Yvette Tay from Raffles Girls School (2013)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: Current Student

“After scoring F9 for my secondary three mid-year Chemistry examination, I was demoralized with myself and started to abhor the subject. Thereafter, I engaged Wilson and my grades have ever since been improving. As a matter of fact, I have started to obtain A1s for my subsequent tests! Under Wilson’s guidance, I have really managed to appreciate Chemistry and even developed an interest for it.”

Markus Low from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (2013)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: F9 to A2

“Before I had tuition with Wilson, I was practically failing most of my Chemistry tests! I started lessons with him after my Secondary Three Final Examinations. He was always patient, and took time to meticulously explain the basics. He also provided useful tips which I would have never have been able to figure out on my own. He is always available whenever I have questions, even outside lesson time. Thanks so much!”

Nicole Tan Min Yi from Cedar Girls Secondary (2012)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: C6 to A1

“Wilson is an extremely patient and helpful tutor. He took the time to explain the concepts clearly. I had many questions to ask him about Chemistry, but no matter how simple the questions were, Wilson was keen to help me to learn and answered all of them. I am extremely grateful to him for helping me clarify all my doubts in Chemistry, as well as for being such a wonderful tutor!”

Chang Yi Wei from Nan Hua Secondary School (2012)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: C5 to A2

“Wilson was indeed a great mentor to me. I went from failing my Chemistry to securing a distinction for my GCE ‘O’ Levels in a matter of months. Lessons were methodical and customised. He taught me according to what he felt that I was lacking in, and not by following a generic lesson plan. He ensured that I have a strong foundation in Chemistry by making me understand before memorising. I used to hate Chemistry, but his cheerful personality and wonderful teaching techniques made the lessons fun. As a student, most of us really dread tuition, but he actually made me look forward to his lessons.”

Sara Sim Zong Lin from Methodist Girls’ School (2011)
GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry Grade: D7 to A2

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