What We Do

Ace Brainery Private Limited has been established with the aim of providing first-class coaching in Chemistry. At Ace Brainery, we do not subscribe to the route-learning methodology for acing examinations. Instead, we advocate understanding as our primary objective. Once the student is able to fully appreciate the subject matter, the process of studying naturally smoothens.


Our Far-Reaching Tetrahedral Values (the 5 ‘C’s)

  1. Communication: To encourage frequent exchanges with the students in order to better understand their situations and difficulties;
  2. Concentration: To focus on the task at hand, and to amplify the effort to tackle it;
  3. Connection: To foster a personal relationship with each student; education is not all about grades!;
  4. Cultivation: To allow students a better understanding of the subject matter in both breadth and depth;
  5. Curiosity: To inculcate in our students the thirst for new and relevant knowledge.
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